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What is Markdown?

It’s a plain text format for writing structured documents, based on formatting conventions from email & HTML. It's easy to understand & makes formatting very easy.

What is Markdown Extended?

Markdown Extended is our special flavour of vanilla markdown to improve your writing experience even further. Here is a list of formatting supported by Spaces:

Formatting Syntax
Headings # H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6
Bold **bold text**
__bold text__
Italic *italic text*
_italic text_
Bold Italic ***bold italic text***
Underline ~underlined text~
Strikeout ~~Striked out text~~
Horizontal Rule ---
Comment // text
Highlight ::highlighted text::
Numbered List 1. First
2. Second
3. Third
Bullet List * First
* Second
* Third
Link [title](url)
Todo - [ ]
Todo Checked - [x]
Code Snippet `code`
Code Block ```code```
Quote Block > text

How to create new Spaces?

You can create spaces using hashtags inside a note.
For example, if you want to create a Space called ‘Design’, just type #design inside any note, anywhere.
This supports unlimited subspaces. Just use slash. #design/ui #design/other
If you want to use multiple words, for example “Design Things”, add a hyphen or close with #. #design things# design-things/subspace

How to create filters?

Same as Spaces, just use @ instead of #.
@deep-work @night

When do I use filters?

Filters are for event/motive based organisation.
Suppose there are notes in multiple spaces that need ‘Deep Work’, so @deep-work
Or there are notes that you work on @night
Or multiple notes in different spaces correspond to a certain person, so @person.
It’s an additional level of organisation only for heavy users. That is why we’ve made it in such a way that if you don’t use filters you won’t ever see it in the app.

Is my data protected?

Your data is synced using Apple Cloudkit using just your Apple ID. Nobody else can access or read your data. Cloudkit powers all your services like iMessage, iCloud, Reminders etc. In short, yes, your data is protected.

Can you access my notes?

No we cannot. Read our Privacy Policy for detailed explanation.