Privacy Policy

Our Belief: Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. Whatever you do, your content, your ideas and your life's work should totally be in your control.

This privacy policy is not written in some carefully crafted jargon that confuses the user about what is happening with their data. We are not a huge greedy corporation with ulterior motives, we are just a remote team of cool (yes, very cool) and extremely passionate people who make sure that your information is always protected, just like how we would want our own information to be dealt with.

1. Apple CloudKit - Your data is synced between your devices using Apple CloudKit through your own Apple ID. There's no login required & we don't have access to your data. It's directly managed by Apple through your Apple devices.

2. No Advertising- We don't believe advertising (especially in mobile apps) is a good way of monetization. It spoils the user experience and they also gather and analyze user data to show more relevant advertisements. Therefore, we decided to keep Spaces totally advertisement free. It's a clean slate and we're proud of it.

3. Respectful Analytics- Right now there are no analytics tools used anywhere on the website or in the application. Although, if we ever use one for improving the app, we will very clearly post everything from what are we using, why are we using it to how did we use it to improve the product.

Last updated: 12th December 2022